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Sweet and Salty with Ellen Karis

May 28, 2023

Ellen talks about dog sitting this Memorial Day weekend, the passing of Tina Turner, Carol Burnett 90th Birthday TV Special and more...



May 22, 2023

Ellen talks about her Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sunday School and feeding the kids sugar, Migrants housed at The Roosevelt Hotel and more.


May 15, 2023

We talked to Stand-Up Comedian Fred Rubino, originally from Brooklyn, he performs all over the US from comedy clubs to casinos to resorts. He has been called the voice of American Italians and his no-nonsense videos are a big hit with every ethnic group. We talked to Fred about going from Construction Worker, to...

May 10, 2023

Ellen talks about her Dance Class, Trump Verdict, Mormon Mom, George Santos, NYC Subway Marine and more..


May 1, 2023

Ellen talks about her shows in New Jersey and New England, Greek Independence Day Parade in NYC, WH Correspondent's Dinner and more...