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Sweet and Salty with Ellen Karis

Dec 20, 2022

Ellen talks about her weekend at Bananas Comedy Club in NJ, a woman in her workout class that always gives her the Mati-Evil Eye and taking Greek Orthodox Communion-Separate vs....

Dec 14, 2022

Ellen talks about this past weekend's Christmas events and more..

Dec 5, 2022

Weekend in a Greenroom, Price of Christmas Trees, Harry and Meghan Netflix Special, GMA3 Co-Host Drama, New Tax Reporting Law and more...

Nov 29, 2022

Ellen talks about Thanksgiving weekend, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Christina Applegate, Skims and more..

Nov 21, 2022

We talked to fellow Greek girl and dynamo Irene Bremis, whose career is on fire. From her Stand-Up Comedy shows, to the many films she has been involved in as a Writer and a Director, Irene brings all aspects of her life from being a Personal Trainer, to living on Staten Island and being married to a Fireman, to...