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Karis Comedy Corner Podcast

Aug 20, 2019

We got Stand-Up Comedian, Actress, Screenwriter, Director Roberta Rockwell to come into the studio. Ellen and Roberta go way back, so it was great to catch up and find out about all of her exciting projects such as her new feature film "Broken Radio", that is being shopped around as they say and her web series "Mad Ave.".  Roberta is the consummate writer, having written articles for the "Huffington Post" and jokes published in books "She's So Funny", "Comedy Thesarus" and more. A former interior designer, Roberta's love for creation goes from the words to the sets and she was a joy to chat with. She has lots of shows coming up in NYC, so check her out and follow her on Twitter @rockwellroberta and Instagram @robertarockwell