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Karis Comedy Corner Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

We sat down with Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Founder of Trainers in Transit, LLC Jennifer (Jen) Giamo. With a Master's Degree in Nutrition Education, Jen started her career in Corporate Fitness and Wellness, creating and managing programs for Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses. Years later, Jen decided to strike out on her having now become one of the most sought out personal trainer and wellness coaches in NY and LA. She created Trainers in Transit LLC, where trainers go to where their clients want to train-home, office, gym-and offer a full array of workout choices. Jen also created "Fresh Start Fitness" a program created for women to thrive and heal after divorce. On-camera, Jen has appeared on "Rachel Ray" and "Live with Kelly and Ryan", and has coached members of the staff, including Producer Lori Schulweis. Another passion of Jen's is dogs where she has created a lovely community for owners and their beloved pooches. For more on Jen go to: