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Sweet and Salty with Ellen Karis

Jul 24, 2018

What a special treat to get two people, Lead Actor Zac Moon who plays Wayne and Director Kristin McCarthy Parker, to come in and talk about the fabulous, funny and innovative Off-Broadway show PUFFS. It is about a certain boy wizard who went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil with the Puffs and others.  Its a journey about how to make it through magic school and some of the foibles that happen along the way. A production that started in 2015 at The Peoples  Improv Theatre, is now at the New World Stages and has performed over 500 times so far and is such a success that it was filmed and ran as a limited run in movie theaters, as well as a current live production in Australia. Take a listen to these wonderful guests who talk about this amazing creation. For more on PUFFS go to: